Book Project

Social Protection under Authoritarianism: Health Politics and Policy in Contemporary China (Book Summary)

Working Papers

“Fighting Inequalities: Impact of Urban-Rural Health Insurance Integration in Rural China,” with Bingxiao Wu (Rutgers University), R&R.

“When Top-Down Meets Bottom-Up: Local Adoption of Social Policy Reform in China,” with Sung Eun Kim (Korea University), under review.

“Social Cleavages and Preferences for Redistribution in Contemporary China,” under review.

“Peace in the Shadow of Unrest: Medical Disturbance and State Response in China,” under review.

Works in Progress

“The Chinese Dream: How Social Mobility Affects Regime Support in China,” manuscript in preparation.

“Vocational Education and Social Mobility in China’s Urbanization Era”

“Preferences for Social Insurance in Transitional Economies: Evidence from Survey Experiments in China”