Work Under review

“Economic Inequality, Distributive Unfairness, and Regime Support in East Asia” with Cai Zuo, conditionally accepted. (URL)

“Health Care Policy in China”, with Jane Duckett, in Research Handbook on Health Policy, eds. by Daniel Beland, Tuba Agartan, Martin Powell, and Claus Wendt, Edward Elgar Publishing.

“Welfare Policy at the Local Level”, in Handbook on China’s Local Governance, eds. by David
S.G. Goodman, Ceren Ergenc, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Work in Progress

The Politics of Risks and Redistribution in Xi’s China (book project)

“Social Insurance Preferences in China: Evidence from a Survey Experiment”

“In Government We Trust? Intergenerational Redistribution and Political Trust in China”

“Rich Province Poor Province: Interregional Risk Pooling and Redistribution in Chinese Social Insurance Reform”

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats? Changing Preferences for Redistribution in China”

“Regional Pattern in Popular Evaluations of Political Regimes,” with Cai Zuo